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Petestack Page Assistant


An interactive relic!

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Started in November 2004 and initially developed for our high school website (for which I was responsible at the time) between then and March 2005, this straightforward web editor was designed for staff to create and maintain their own webpages to my templates. However, despite my continued belief in the project and many, many hours of development, it was subsequently rejected and the site assigned to someone else, after which I simply left the editor in its raw, unfinished state for over a year. While that's still basically how things stood when it was added here in August 2006, I'd finally got round to stripping out the school site templates and setting it up with my own instead. So please give it a go (note the toolbar at the top), check out the User Help for anything guesswork can't tell you, make your own 'Petestack' page and (bearing in mind that it was never 'finished') let me know what you think. On which note, of course I'm aware that it's now hopelessly outdated, with drag-and-drop WYSIWYG/Ajax techniques rapidly becoming the norm even when I was working on it, but nevertheless still quite attached to it as a lasting demo of my biggest personal PHP project...


Since I'm not prepared to enable the Save/Restore and File Upload tools for public demo purposes, the lifespan of any page you make here is naturally limited to that of your current user session.


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