Summer Points Series 2 2000

Despite being unable to take part in the second race of Glencoe Boat Club’s Summer Points Series (because the skipper was unwell), things could have worked out worse for Fly. With another disappointing turnout of three boats, the race was won by the boat that missed the first race (the other two competitors swapping places), so that, even before discards, our position has not been seriously harmed. Don’t know exactly what the conditions were like, but it was virtually calm in Kinlochleven and I understand that the course was shortened.


  1. Kerry Mist (Kerry 27, John Grant), C 1111, Elapsed Time 5802, Corrected Time 5222
  2. Squirt (Hunter 19, David Cooper), S 1149, Elapsed Time 6484, Corrected Time 5643
  3. High Tide (Contessa 26, Dave Hanna), C 1180, Elapsed Time 6712, Corrected Time 5688

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