What’s New at Petestack these days?

Best to check the blog first, but updates to the main site sometimes still happen...

September 2022

Moved KHS Music Dept and Polldubh Club websites from Current Designs to Archive pages.

December 2021

Finally removed Petestack Page Assistant from the Web Design section because something in it didn’t work with recent PHP versions and I couldn’t be bothered to relearn and tweak my ancient scripting for such a museum piece!

September 2021

Sailing Home Page updated again.

July 2021

Music Home Page (and some others?) updated to remove references to current employment since I’ve just retired! :-)

February 2019

Trail Routes maps updated to remove covered-over tracks for Loch Eilde Mòr hydro scheme.

August 2018

Knew I had broken links because other people had moved pages, images or files I’d linked to without providing redirects, so ran a broken link checker and have just fixed or deleted 87 broken links from over 600 pages... sigh! :-/

August 2017

Sailing Home Page updated to reflect Fly’s long spell ashore and current refit status.

December 2016

Trail Routes maps updated to show new tracks for Loch Eilde Mòr hydro scheme, which have since mostly been covered over again.

May 2016

New print styles to eliminate unnecessary margins, menus and footers (so making better use of paper area as well as hiding what you no longer need to see).

Major overhaul to get the site working nicely on mobile phones and make its 16-year sprawl more easily editable/maintable. So, notwithstanding a couple of mobile false dawns, thank goodness for the meta viewport tag, Chrome Developer Tools (the only mobile emulator I’ve found to match real phones) and a little help from my friends! As for the maintainability thing, we have a long-desired rebuild of the whole site parsing all those irritatingly uneditable legacy static HTML files as PHP to include main menus, section sub-menus etc. from a much smaller, more maintainable repository, with HTML5 simultaneously replacing XHTML everywhere except the blog (where there’s apparently some work to do on validation).

Minor changes to Current Designs, with more substantive changes to the Web and Running home pages (both very out of date!) and new Short Trail Routes from Kinlochleven page.

January 2016

Further minor changes to the Music Home Page to reflect my still growing musical menagerie (bought a proper trombone and a low-pitch baroque flute!).

January 2015

Starting to look at my long-neglected Web Design pages (some small updates made to the resolution and compatibility paragraphs and Petestack Page Assistant default text), though much outdated text and many broken external links remain.

Also some small changes to Current Designs to reflect big changes to the Polldubh Club site and include petestack.com for the first time as the ‘current’ design it’s been for 14 years!

October 2014

A new ‘music’ subheading/page division for other sheet music (whistle/flute/pipe tunes and stuff).

June 2014

Stopped the daily/monthly/yearly updates and year-by-year archives at 2011 with most new stuff since 2009 going straight to the blog. Still likely to log significant ‘main site’ (ie non-blog) updates on this page here, but just not expecting these to be as regular as in pre-blog days.

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