Petestack Update History 2009


New panorama (‘Looking east from Mam na Gualainn’) for the Kinlochleven page.


Some tweaks to the Web Design section, including corrections to most of my site screenshot thumbnails to stop them being almost imperceptibly resized through CSS (yes, just spotted that after two years, but we’re talking about just a few pixels!) and an overdue update to the Current Designs page.


Glencoe Regatta photo report. But don’t forget that most of the shorter reports are now appearing in the blog rather than the main site.


New Petestack Blog (set up 24 February) for quick reporting of all those things I’d like to tell you about but don’t necessarily merit a full webpage of their own.

Another climbing report (ascent of Green Gully on Ben Nevis, uploaded 17 February), with correction to one photo caption of same made 18 February.


Report (with photos) of December 2008 ascent of Good Friday Climb on Ben Nevis.

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