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Kinlochlovin’ (2016)

Kinlochlovin’ Home Page Kinlochlovin’ Scents Page

Started late April 2016 for our school’s Kinlochlovin’ social enterprise group/charity and (at the time of writing a long fortnight later) progressing quickly with mainly the ‘Activities’ section, start of real staff/pupil blogging (as opposed to my testing) and initial shop stocking/configuration to get done (along with some textual/interlinking refinements to existing pages) to reach the point where it can be largely managed/maintained by other staff/pupil contributors as a site with regular new content. Like below, it’s built in WordPress with some completely hand-coded pages and themed for logo colours, but also exciting for being the first time I’ve done a web shop as well as some fun playing with media queries to enhance an already responsive presentation.

Kinlochleven High School Music Department (2009/2015)

KHS Music Department Home Page 2015 KHS Music Department Concepts Page 2015 KHS Music Department Home Page 2009 KHS Music Department SQA Literacy Page 2009

My ‘work’ site at, started in September 2009, rebuilt in WordPress in 2015 and still under enthusiastic, if inevitably intermittent, development. The deep red, grey and white colour scheme comes from the current school badge (just as the gold colour of the old KHS site featured on my archive page came from the old badge), and the Beethoven Opus 111 background in ‘manuscript paper’ colouring is the one I made originally for the Music Department pages of that same site. The tables of SQA (exam board) musical concepts were also colour-coded for the 2009 version according to the colours of the exam papers, but not for the new one since the new CfE exams have reverted to simple white...

Perhaps there was a bit of a theme emerging in my 2009 sites (see also The Polldubh Club below) with fixed page backgrounds, major headings highlighted by page-wide coloured strips and horizontal, pipe-separated sub-menus as also used here on But I like things that work and these certainly worked for both sites as originally designed despite subsequently discarding most of the heading strips and pipe-separated menus when I rebuilt this one as a child theme of Tom Usborne’s excellent GeneratePress. Which happily got me thinking about truly responsive design for the variety of devices (computers, tablets, phones) likely to be used by the site’s intended audience and inspired some further smart ideas like rearranging the column-based concept tables of the SQA documentation and my 2009 site into a row-based approach more suited to narrower viewports.

Another difference (I’d say improvement) with the new version is that it includes some downloadable teaching materials as well as numerous terse teaching notes that may or may not mean much to other site visitors but, in now being constantly accessible and editable when I’d never really settled on a definitive single location or storage method for them before, are proving enormously useful to me!

For anyone who’s curious why this isn’t on a subdomain of the main school site (no longer one of my designs), of course that might be better, but 1. my need for PHP now (+ maybe MySQL later) and independent control of my own stuff (notably enhanced with the WordPress version now I can edit it through browsers at work when I was previously dependent on FTP from home) means that things are currently simpler this way and 2. even that ‘parent’ site has since migrated to Weebly for what I (not being the person running it) assume to be similar maintainance/control reasons.

The Polldubh Club (2009)

Polldubh Club Home Page Polldubh Club Archive Page

For The Polldubh Club, founded on 15 April 2009 ‘to promote all aspects of climbing in the Lochaber area and beyond, including (but not limited to) arranging Club Meets at a variety of venues and helping to conserve the Polldubh Crags as an accessible and attractive climbing area.’

A simple site that’s taken a while to start shaping up but now, since some January 2015 redevelopment, one of my favourite designs. It evolved (as mine normally do) from simple CSS tweaking of some trial content, driven this time by a fixed (non-scrolling) page background featuring a photo I took of Ian Clough’s classic VS (Very Severe) climb Resurrection on the 50th Anniversary of its April 1959 first ascent, with the new Club logo (which doesn’t show in my screenshots) added in July 2011.

Like my now-defunct Impala 28 site (see Archive page), this one features an SMF-powered forum with some public and some members-only areas, and more recently (from January 2015 with further 2016 revisions) also a Coppermine Gallery, dynamic home-page content (‘quick news’, upcoming calendar, latest logbook entries and more substantial ‘board news’) fed by SMF’s SSI functions, random home-page photographs and properly ‘responsive’ layout on the fully self-designed pages (i.e. not forum or gallery) with dynamically-resizing images and some other little CSS/PHP tricks (now including media queries) to keep things balanced and usable in windows of widely differing widths. (2000)

petestack Home Page petestack Climbing

Despite being my oldest design, it’s still ‘current’ in the sense that it’s still here, being updated (the blog regularly and other bits occasionally) and you’re looking at it. And, while it’s still recognisably the same site, appearances can be deceptive and it’s actually changed more than you might think ‘under the hood’ as it’s got bigger and I’ve got better!

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