Petestack Update History 2004


Another new photo of Kinlochleven from Creagan Sgiathan (taken 19 December) for the Kinlochleven Page.


Made some minor updates to the Web Design page and ditched that stupid flashing GIF from the Peaty page!

New Impala 28 Inboard and Mk 2 Rudder page (uploaded 17 October), describing Fly’s conversion to inboard Impala and home-built Mk 2 rudder.

New photo of Kinlochleven from Creagan Sgiathan (taken 14 October) for the Kinlochleven Page. Not that I’ve any intention of turning ‘What’s New’ into some kind of blog, but that was also the furthest and highest I’d been on my own feet (still just walking!) to date since my double hernia operation on 21 September. :-)

Some minor tidying up of presentation and content on my Home, Music and Scores and Recordings pages.

New Kinlochleven Page (uploaded 10 October), combining some almost aerial shots of the village and mountain panoramas with links to related websites.

New Hill Running Page (uploaded 8 October), describing why I started running at 40 and some of the highs and lows of my first year.


Some minor updates to Sailing Home Page and Racing Programme.


Some Regatta Reports for 2003.

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