Petestack Update History 2000

December 2000
30 December 2000 Some very minor adjustments to the presentation of my two Drascombe articles.
29 December 2000 Two articles from my Drascombe days:
  1. Don’t Play Misty for Me (a single-handed cruise to the Outer Hebrides), first published in Drascombe Association News, November 1994.
  2. The Great Scottish Drascombe Cruise, 1995 (from the same publication the following year!).
24 December 2000 Tidied up most of the PNGs (icons and course charts) by cutting them from 256 to 16 colours. And the promised ‘no frames’ links have been added to the bottom of every page.
23 December 2000 Some MP3 excerpts from my recordings to download at last! And I’ve been tweaking my new ‘links for HTML and web design’.
21 December 2000 My frames policy now also includes some useful links for HTML and web design. And, much as I like my framed side bar most of the time, I’ve decided to restore the frameless version of the site to the default status.
11 December 2000 Petestack policy for the thoughtful use of frames.
10 December 2000 All external links except my message board now open outside my new frameset in a full browser window. The Great Scottish Drascombe Cruise link from my photo gallery now leads straight to the intended web page.
9 December 2000 Main links framed for simpler navigation, but all equivalent existing links (mostly at foots of pages) left in:
  1. To allow escape from frameset (see top of Home Page for how).
  2. To accommodate browsers that don’t support frames.
Trivial problems with the compass roses on the GBC Course Charts corrected.
2 December 2000 Minor mistakes (bass notes/chord symbols) corrected in bars 16 and 48 of The Happy Ending from Snow White.
1 December 2000 Sailing ‘WeatherWindow’ from

November 2000
26 November 2000 Amendments to 2001 racing programme and online crew form.
22 November 2000 A couple more minor amendments to my songs. The metronome mark for the Dwarf Song from Snow White has been modified, and the chord symbols for the opening of the Coolest Cat song from Puss in Boots have been tweaked to tie in more accurately with the modal feel of the harmony.
21 November 2000 Songs for Puss in Boots now complete and uploaded with synopsis of plot.
5 November 2000 ‘Get Scorch 2’ buttons added to Music Home and Scores and Recordings pages in preparation for a link from the Sibelius ‘Scorched Site Directory’. Footnote to Round Shuna Report: What Happened to Scorpio?
1 November 2000 Further tweak (for playback purposes) to the score of the Coolest Cat song, with the two glissandos now notated in full and sounding as they should for the first time.

October 2000
31 October 2000 Photo of Peter at work (and the miller’s son from Puss in Boots has now been called ‘Mac’, so I’ve just tweaked the score for the relevant song).
28 October 2000 ‘What’s New?’ page and more cup photos from Gill.
26 October 2000 Provisional 2001 racing programme and online crew form.
24 October 2000 Site launched!

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