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While I’d originally intended to keep updating this gallery (which dates from the earliest days of the site) with some choice new pics, it’s effectively become something of a museum piece with more recent photographs increasingly used across a growing site instead of all grouped together. So July 2007 finally saw it lose its starting place in the top menu as that premium space went to the new Web Design section (leaving just Home, Music and Sailing up there from my October 2000 design along with Site Map from January 2001, although What’s New also had a graphic link from the home page in those days). The Gallery’s still here of course (I’m assuming you’re looking at it right now unless you’ve simply found this text through a search engine!), and accessible from anywhere in just one or two clicks through the new root directory sub-menu (see ‘Peat Stacks | Peaty | etc.’ above) and Site Map respectively, but simply not as prominent as it was...


Photo of Uaithne

My Drascombe Dabber Uaithne, making waves under reefed mainsail in Loch Shuna, probably 1992. The resolution of the image has suffered (despite scanning the print at 1200dpi) because it’s just a tiny part of the original photo, but it’s still my favourite shot of this particular boat. I’d been sailing for more than twenty years when I bought her, but she was the first boat I could truly call my own. (Photo by Peter Tiplady.)

Photo of Magic III

My Drascombe Coaster Magic III off Fingal’s Cave on Staffa, July 1995. (Photo by Jim Hopwood.) For further photos and a full account of this cruise, see my original article for Drascombe Association News, or take a look at Jim Hopwood’s very abridged version on the Drascombe Association website.

Photo of Wyvern

My Jaguar 21 Wyvern at Glencoe Regatta, June 1998, sailed by Tom Duggan, David Duff and Jonathon Chisholm. I thought I had a negative for this shot, showing the whole of the hull — when/if I find it, I’ll scan it to replace this one (from the print). (Photo by Derick Thom.)

Photo of Fly

My current Impala Fly at West Highland Week, August 2000. (Photo by Duncan Hall, Hall Marine Images. Original web link now defunct, but used by permission.)

Photo of Fly

Fly at West Highland Week, August 2001. (Photo by Alison Chadwick.) For more photos of Fly with her 2001 mainsail and spinnaker, see my Sailing Home Page, Racing Programme and Fly Photo Archive.


Photo of Yosemite

Clouds Rest and the Quarter Domes from North Dome, Yosemite, October 1997. (Photo by Angus Duggan.)

Photo of Stob Ban Photo of Stob Ban

North Buttress of Stob Ban, Glen Nevis (Mamore Hills), April 2000. An interesting scramble in awkward conditions — too soft for crampons and too wet for comfort! (Photos by Noel Williams.)


Photo of Fremont

My younger brother Angus and friend (the Fremont Troll), Seattle, October 1999 (Photo by Peter Duggan.)

Photo of Caroline and James Photo of Hugh and Thomas

My elder brother and his family — (left to right) Caroline, James, Hugh and Thomas, Christmas 1999. So perhaps I should have replaced these pics with some that include Andrew (born July 2002) and Katherine (born September 2005), but I’m also very sorry to report the sudden death of Thomas in December 2005 and have never really felt like altering this little corner of the Gallery since. (Photos by Peter Duggan.)

Photo of Cup by Gill Photo of Cup by Gill Photo of Cup by Peter

The crew that won the cup, West Highland Week 2000. The shot with all five of us is the happy result of a balancing act by Gill’s camera — back (left) Richard Bourne and (right) Colin Thomas; front (left) Keith Melvin, (centre) Peter Duggan and (right) Gill Reavley. (Photos by Gill Reavley and Peter Duggan.)

For 2001 crew photos, see my Racing Programme.


Photo of Loch Leven

Looking down Loch Leven over Kinlochleven (where I live) towards the Pap of Glencoe (the hill in the left mid-distance) and Ballachulish. Christmas Day, 1993. (Photo by Peter Duggan.)

My house takes shape, 1992–3. No, I didn’t actually build it myself, but I took loads of photos! It’s called ‘Stronvar’ after the house we so often stayed in for family holidays on Coll. (Photos by Peter Duggan.)

Photo of Stronvar Photo of Stronvar Photo of Stronvar Photo of Stronvar Photo of Stronvar

For further photographs of Kinlochleven and the surrounding hills presented in what I hope to be an interesting manner, please check out my Kinlochleven Page (new, 10 October 2004).

Photo of Oban

Panorama of Oban Bay from McCaig’s Tower, August 2002. Put together from seven overlapping photos with Canon’s PhotoStitch software and not too clunky at this resolution (2141 x 400), but somewhat less convincing at the original size of 5695 x 1064! (Photo by Peter Duggan.)

Photos of Sanda

Sunrise over Sanda, 18 April 2003. The main sequence of photos was taken at sea over a period of about six minutes, and the separate shot about six minutes later again, at dawn after a perfect moonlit night sail aboard the Sadler 25 Spirit, which we were delivering from the West Coast of Scotland to the Clyde for my father. (Photos by Peter Duggan.)

Photo of Sanda

Photo of Coll

The Isle of Coll, looking towards the Small Isles (Muck visible in front of Rum). Scene of all our great childhood holidays, and home, for the last fourteen years of his life, to my grandfather Dr James Glover. A very special place! July 1994. (Photo by Peter Duggan.)

Photo of Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge casts its shadow over San Francisco Bay. A truly beautiful, almost art-deco, structure, all the more distinctive for its ‘international orange’ paint, and an astounding achievement for its day. October 1997. (Photo by Peter Duggan.)

Photo of Seattle

Seattle from a light plane piloted by my brother Angus, October 1999. (Photo by Peter Duggan.)

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