Petestack Update History 2006


While it’s not something you can see without viewing my source code, I’ve finally started to excise the worst examples of ‘classitis’ from my ancient markup. So (for example), instead of lumbering every main menu table cell with class="menuTop" or class="menuBottom", I’ve done <tr id="menuTop">, <tr id="menuBottom"> and styled them through tr#menuTop td and tr#menuBottom td respectively. Now perhaps that’s not that exciting to most of my visitors, but it’s been bugging me for ages and it’s making me smile! :-)

New Ben Nevis Race 2006 gallery with 67 photos by Angus Duggan, and new running home page photo from same.


Some more tweaks to the Web Design page (see new paragraph about languages under the further thoughts heading) and a demo version of the basic web editor I started developing over winter 2004–5 before shelving and not touching it since!

Finally got that November 2005 snow shot added to the Kinlochleven page (should have been up ages ago, but had to make a new template for lining up the pics after losing the original to an incomplete computer backup last year). Web Design page updated to reflect current status of my other projects and Hill Running times also updated again, but nothing yet on my summer in Seattle and ascents of The Brothers (6,866ft), Mount Hood (11,240ft) by the Cooper Spur and Mount Rainier (14,411ft) by the Kautz Glacier with my brother Angus, our sail on the classic R Class yacht Pirate or anything else we did, so watch this space?


Haven’t had much time to work on the site recently, so aware that parts of it have become quite out of date. However, I simply had to add my first PB on the Penstock run for 13 months to the Hill Running Pages, and hope to expand this section soon to reflect recent activities including an increased training/racing schedule and my June 2006 ‘Round of Glen Coe’. Have also got another photo to add to the Kinlochleven page, but all in good time (it’s only about seven months old!)...

Peter’s Round of Glen Coe now written up and added (26 June 2006). Might yet be subject to some revision, but wanted to get it uploaded.

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