Petestack Update History 2002

December 2002
22 December 2002 Added ‘mailto’ links to every page of the site ( for the music pages, for the sailing pages and for everything else). Also fixed an unintentional page break at bar 62 of Whitewash Waltz.
12 December 2002 My CYCA to PY Handicap Converter calls two simple PHP scripts to calculate PY equivalents for a range of CYCA handicaps and/or to analyse the implications of known CYCA and PY handicaps for a single boat. It’s my first real foray into PHP programming for myself and I intend it to be the first of a little suite of online apps, which should soon also include corrected from elapsed times, displacement/length and sail area/displacement ratios and any other useful little projects I can come up with.

November 2002
19 November 2002 Some 2002 Race Reports to mull over at last, with associated amendments to Racing Programme and more significant changes to Sailing Home Page.

October 2002
31 October 2002 Substantive changes to accessibility and browser compatibility (which could now be grouped with fonts and entities to answer the question ‘why doesn’t this site work properly in Netscape 4 any more?’). To which I could add the ironic rider that those links will now only take you as far as the correct page and not to their intended targets in your version 4 browser...
26 October 2002 My web design page (still disguised by a URL betraying its origin as my former ‘frames policy’) now includes a section on fonts and entities to explain some of my tweaks such as the (already done) replacement of ‘Cooper Black’ by ‘Georgia’ as first choice font for major headings and (ongoing) introduction of proper quote marks.
23 October 2002 Changes to home page including cleaner, revised masthead to articulate with further planned stylistic tweaks throughout the site.

September 2002
10 September 2002 Panorama of Oban Bay for the Photo Gallery.
7 September 2002 New Fly Photo Archive.
6 September 2002 Changes to my Sailing Home Page (which now includes a superb new photo from Chas Sutherland of Clydesailing and omits those troublesome sailing headlines/weather Java applets) and Racing Programme (which now includes a tentative programme for 2003).

July 2002
12 July 2002 At last, the long-promised MP3 of Rowan! So it might have taken me a year to track down the master recording and another six months to convince myself it could survive the conversion to MP3, but better late than never!

May 2002
31 May 2002 Updated Racing Programme to explain that the Press Gang Forum has now taken the place of the old Crew Form.
30 May 2002 Some minor additions to my web design page to reflect my involvement in some other sites.

March 2002
30 March 2002 Fixed some Netscape 4 display problems dating from January updates. (Misaligned home page menu and unwanted black backgrounds for all menus!)

February 2002
21 February 2002 Minor changes to Sailing Home Page.
2 February 2002 New photo of Fly by Alison Chadwick added to Photo Gallery.

January 2002
23 January 2002 New YaBB SE Message Board! (Please save anything you want to keep from the old Site Gadgets ‘Flypaper’ ASAP before I wipe it!)
19 January 2002 Separate 2001 Update History. Minor amendments to About Me and Music Home Page to reflect some changes in my primary school timetable. (I’m being sent to Ballachulish, Fort William and St Bride’s instead of Duror, Glencoe and Kinlochleven until the summer, so it just seemed simpler to say ‘several primary schools’!) Fly crew form temporarily offline till it can be updated for 2002.

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