Sample Scores and Recordings

It should go without saying that my original work as presented on these pages is all copyright. If you want to make use of any of it for purposes other than auditioning/playing it back or learning the tunes for yourself, please have the courtesy to discuss it with me first.

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Sibelius Scores

These scores were all composed by me and produced using Sibelius score-writing software. You can look at them and play them back on your own computer (Windows/Mac with suitable soundcard/MIDI equipment), but you’ll need the Scorch plug-in from Sibelius first. It might also be worth pointing out that the quality of the sounds you hear depends largely on your General MIDI equipment — it all sounds like music on my Yamaha SW1000XG (or did when I still used it), but more like a tinny, cheap radio on some other soundcards.

  1. Cradle Song
    A piece for my twin nephews Thomas and James, born August 1996. Two low whistles and piano (for an MP3 excerpt, see below). The grace notes attempt to capture the spirit, rather than the letter, of the whistle ornamentation, which is never exactly the same twice in performance.

  2. Animations
    A steely and percussive piano piece from my student days (second year composition), structured round a fine old psalm tune from the Scottish Psalter of 1615.

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Other Sheet Music

Some other bits and pieces in PDF and/or ABC formats rather than Scorch, with demo recordings (not necessarily studio tracks!) where I had them or could cook them up fairly quickly. A new subheading or page division here at 6 October 2014, so expect to see more old/new stuff (of which this is just a selection) in time.

  1. Lang Nichts an Cauld Wind (PDF)
    A slow reel for Scottish smallpipes, written after Ian Kinnear’s Glen Esk course of November 2013 and dedicated to Ian and guest tutor Colin Melville. The title is basically a double pun, with the long, cold November nights mirrored by the instruments played (‘cauld wind pipes’) and hours of playing (let’s just say we didn’t get much beauty sleep!), and the tune came second equal in the 2014 LPBS new compositions competition. There’s also an MP3 demo made at the time of writing... good enough to give the basic tempo and feel, but still very much the work of a beginner piper when I’d only been learning for 20 months and it shows!

  2. Sadie Cameron’s Waltz (PDF and ABC)
    A waltz composed in June 1992 for the retiral of Mrs Sadie Cameron as Kinlochleven Primary Head Teacher. Originally written for accordion as just Sadie’s Waltz, then revived on whistle and flute (with a hastily cobbled-together demo) for a 2012 Chiff & Fipple discussion, renamed after unearthing other tunes of the same name and simultaneously reworked for Scottish smallpipes (sorry, no demo of that because I was still very new to piping at the time and haven’t got round to making one since). Somewhat nonplussed to discover 20 years too late that two phrases are identical in outline to another tune I didn’t know (Tom Anderson’s Jacqueline’s Waltz) and can’t see what I can do short of suppressing my tune entirely to mitigate this unfortunate coincidence, but then you’ve only got so many ways to arrange a limited range of notes and Anderson’s own lovely Da Slockit Light is just as similar to Charlie Hunter’s The Hills of Lorne (not sure which came first in this case!) and so on...

    T:Sadie's Waltz (original)
    C:Peter Duggan
    H:Composed June 1992 for the retiral of Mrs Sadie Cameron as Kinlochleven Primary Head Teacher.
    D>E|"D"F>A, (3DEF E>D|"G"B,4 D>E|"D"F>A, (3DEF E>D|"A7"E2- (3EFE D>E|
    "D"F>A, (3DEF E>D|"Gm"_B,>G- G>C D>E|"D"F2- (3FGF "A7"E2|1 "D"D4:||2 "D"D2- D>C D>E|
    ||:"D"F2- (3FGF E>F|"Em"G2- (3GAG F>G|"F#m"(3ABA F2 "F#7"E2|"Bm"D3 E "D7"(3FED|
    "G"B3 D (3GAB|"D"(3ABA F2 E2|"E7"(3DED C2 D2|"A7"E3 C D>E|
    "D"F2- (3FGF E>F|"Em"G2- (3GAG F>G|"F#m"(3ABA F2 "D"D2|"G"d3 C "(Bb7)"D>E|
    "D"F>A, (3DEF E>D|"Gm"_B,>G- G>C D>E|"D"F2- (3FGF "A7"E2|1 "D"D2- D>C D>E:||2 "D"D4|]

  3. (Trying a set of my old tunes in a new format, as discussed at

    T:The Boat that Sailed Backwards
    C:Peter Duggan
    H:Composed November 1992.
    R:Slip Jig
    "D7"D2e dAB cAF|"G"D2G GBG FGA|"D7"D2e dAB cde|"Bm"fed "Em"cBA "A"GFE|
    "D7"D2e dAB cAF|"G"D2G GBG FGA|"D7"Dfe dAB cBA|"G"GAG FGA G3|
    "Em"B2a gef gfe|"B7"f2B f2g agf|"Em"e2a gef gfe|"B7"f2B- Bfg agf|
    "C"e2a gef gfe|"G"def gdB GFE|"D7"Dfe dAB cBA|"G"GAG FGA G3|]

    T:An Tilleadh gu Colla
    C:Peter Duggan
    H:Composed October 1991, revised March 1992.
    B2A|:"G"GDB,D "D7"A,CB,A,|"G"G,2 "D7"(3A,B,C "G"B,G,B,D|"Em"GG,"D"FG, "C"EG,"G"DG,|"Am"CB,"A7"A,G, "D7"A,B2c|
    "G"dBGB "C"cGEG|"G"BGDG "F"AC(3=FGA|"G"DADG "D7"DFDA|1 "G"G/2G/2GAF GB2A:|2 "G"G/2G/2GAF GABc|
    "G"dBGB "C"cGEG|"G"BGDc- "C"cGEG|"G"BAGA "A7"FAEA|"D7"Dd2c BAGF|
    "G"dBGB "C"cGEG|"G"BGDc- "C"cGEG|"G"BAGA "A7"FAEA|"D7"D/2D/2DFD ADdc|
    "G"BGDB, "D7"A,CB,A,|"G"G,A,B,G, "Cm"CA,B,C|"G"DADG "D7"DFDA|"G"G/2G/2GAF G|]

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Studio Recordings

Some lo-fi MP3 excerpts (nothing complete!) from my few professionally-recorded solo tracks. All composed and performed by me, recorded during the 1990s by Nick Turner at Watercolour Music, and compressed to 64 or 96kbps for this site.

  1. Cradle Song (excerpt 0'38", stereo, 64kbps, 306K)
    A piece for my twin nephews Thomas and James, born August 1996. Two low whistles and piano (for a Sibelius Score, see above).
  2. The Boat that Sailed Backwards (excerpt 0'29", stereo, 64kbps, 234K)
    A 9/8, or slip, jig commemorating an incident with my first Drascombe at Craobh Haven. Keyless wooden flute and piano.
  3. An Tilleadh gu Colla (the Return to Coll) (excerpt 0'40", stereo, 64kbps, 320K)
    A kind of reel, bubbling over with the excitement I felt on returning to our childhood paradise of Coll after an absence of ten years. Low whistle and piano.
  4. Miss Isla Graham (excerpt 1'13", stereo, 64kbps, 579K)
    A slow air for Isla (born January 1991), recorded here on guitar (which is joined by low whistle and keyboard for the different second half of the tune on the complete version).
  5. Rowan (excerpt 0'59", stereo, 96kbps, 695K)
    A lively guitar solo dedicated to Nick Turner’s younger son, born November 1995. For some reason it’s suffered more than the other tracks through the conversion from .wav to .mp3, so I’ve had to compromise at 96kbps to achieve some kind of listenable quality at a palatable file size. For the guitarists out there, both ‘Rowan’ and ‘Miss Isla Graham’ make use of the open G (DGDGBD) tuning although I’ve no idea how ‘Rowan’ appears to have ended up in Ab when I can’t ever remember playing it with a capo!

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