The Loch Leven Band

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A blast from the past (the early 1990s), when we had a slot at the Clachaig Inn in Glencoe and practised every week! Pete Harrop from Ballachulish and Angus Maclean from Bail-ur were the principal singer/guitarists, with Angus also turning in a pretty nifty mandolin. Paul Connolly from Ballachulish played concertina, mandolin and guitar, and I played mostly winds (some accordion) but was occasionally press-ganged into backing ‘vocals’ (you should hear me sing!). From time to time we were joined by Angus’s son Iain, who also knew his way round a guitar.

Repertoire was suitably diverse, with the usual Scottish/Irish ‘jig-and-reel’ stuff and sing-along trad. rubbing shoulders with classic American folk and the finest of contemporary Scottish music, leavened by occasional songs by Pete (‘Sawney Bean’) and some of my tunes (of which we played about four, including ‘The Boat that Sailed Backwards’).

I’m afraid I was probably as responsible as anyone for the effective demise of the band — stopping for a break to work on a school show and never really coming back to the fold. Pete and Angus still meet quite often for a session in Glenfinnan (Angus now lives in Morar), and I join them once in a blue moon. Paul also seems to have gone his separate way, playing a lot of fiddle (mostly with his older son, also Paul).

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