Petestack Update History 2008


New snow shot for the Kinlochleven page (taken on a day when the school was closed for the weather), with two new panoramas added to same page.


Some minor amendments to the Tranter’s Round page.


Added note about the fourth pitch of The Pause to my account of our ascent:
I’ve also seen it graded at everything from 4c in the 2002 SMC Glencoe guide to 5b in the 2001 revision of Howett’s Scottish volume and can only offer E1 5a as my best guess.

New photo (me leading Secretaries’ Super-Direct at Polldubh) for the Climbing Home Page, taken by Dave MacLeod, no less (thank goodness I didn’t know he was there!). :-)


Another new shot for the Kinlochleven page, and the first since the completion and opening of our new school (so captions/mouseover text adjusted accordingly!).

Short(ish) report of a momentous day out climbing The Pause on the Etive Slabs + added some useful links to foot of Climbing Home Page.


So many photos in my Round Mull Race Report that I’ve split the thumbnails between three pages!


Some activity on the Sailing pages, with an updated CYCA to PY Handicap Converter and photo reports from the 2008 Glencoe and Lochaber Regattas.


A new snow shot for the Kinlochleven page, which (as my whitest yet) has finally got me working on text colour changes to suit the changing backgrounds. Might add that I took another (not under snow) on 21 December, but haven’t uploaded that one because the combination of the shortest day and Garbh Bheinn to the south really isn’t good for lighting!


Nothing much to report here except a couple of trivial changes to the 2006 American trip page. So the ‘reasonable ice bollards’ from the Mount Rainier descent have become ‘reasonable lumps of ice’ (in case anyone thought we’d actually been cutting out textbook anchors!) and I’m belatedly admitting to replacing one of the Mount Hood photos by a similar, but better, one in December.

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