Glencoe Regatta 2008

Not so much a report as a collection of photos taken while acting as OOD (Officer of the Day and not Offshore One-Design in this case!) for the Glencoe Regatta on Saturday 7 June 2008. While I’d probably have predicted shortened courses and/or abandonments with glassy calm half-an-hour before the scheduled start and nothing much more promising forecast, the breeze filled in just in time to provide a cracking day’s racing after a mere five-minutes’ postponement that proved barely necessary in the end.

The images uploaded here have been resized to 640x480 with file sizes ranging from 66–107K and slightly sharpened, but are otherwise just as they left my camera. While they’re here to be enjoyed by all, please ask before using them for any purpose other than viewing and/or printing for yourself (on which note I’m certainly happy to supply higher-resolution copies to anyone with an agreeable use in mind).

The dinghy classes were run on a separate course by Paul Mills, but I still managed to get a fair number of dinghy shots.

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