Petestack Update History 2010


Quick update (with blog link) to the 2005 Tranter’s Round page to reflect my 2010 Ramsay’s Round completion! :-)


Yet another ‘aerial’ view for the Kinlochleven page, and looking quite different to the previous June shot (this new one’s surprisingly lush despite many weeks of dry weather) in a way that surely reflects more than just the change from Canon to Panasonic camera? Also a map (with photos) and text to show the location of my viewpoint, and some presentational tidying up to give the page a neater look.

Added quick footnotes (with links to recent blog posts) to the 2007 West Highland Way Race and Green Gully pages to bring them up to date with relevant 2010 running and climbing achievements.


Not many changes to the main site so far with most new content going straight to the blog. But at least I’ve got round to removing some broken/defunct links from the Sailing and Climbing pages and replacing them with some more useful ones!

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