Petestack Update History 2001

December 2001
17 December 2001 Superfluous ‘no frames’ links (a legacy from the old side bar) removed throughout the site. Minor (textual) changes to Frames Policy and Scores and Recordings.
16 December 2001 Changes to Racing Programme (some important 2002 dates now available and 2001 Race Report Index moved to its own page). Additions to Art and ‘Xart’ Gallery.

October 2001
15 October 2001 More sailing photos (mostly 2001 crew shots).
3 October 2001 ‘Pete Stack’ JPEG (Peat Stacks Page) replaced by transparent PNG. So the file size is bigger, but it looks much better against the page background except in browsers like Netscape 4.x that don’t display transparency in PNGs.

September 2001
30 September 2001 Further tidying of graphic links from Music and Sailing Home Pages. Frames Policy rewritten to acknowledge removal of optional frameset. Minor amendments to Round Shuna (found out who won!) and Victoria Cup reports.
29 September 2001 Site navigation standardised to provide consistent top-of-page links for all pages. Tidier implementation of CSS classes (applied to divs in preference to paragraphs) to prevent Netscape 4.x from mauling pages with tables!
25 September 2001 Round Shuna, Leicester BS Plate and Victoria Cup reports.
21 September 2001 West Highland Week and Summer Points Series 6, 7 and 8 reports.
16 September 2001 Changes to Sailing Home Page (mostly new photos) and Racing Programme.

July 2001
23 July 2001 Ardgour Double/Round Balnagowan report and updates to reports index for Racing Programme.
22 July 2001 Summer Points Series 4 and 5 and Round Mull reports.
17 July 2001 Minor changes to sailing home page and style sheet implementation (also affecting home page, here and 2000 update history.
2 July 2001 Redesigned home page with new title graphic.

June 2001
16 June 2001 SPS3 report + minor changes to GBC Course Charts, SPS1 and SPS2 reports.
12 June 2001 Minor updates to Sailing Home Page and Racing Programme to reflect another season under way, and SPS1, SPS2, Oban Town Regatta and Glencoe Regatta race reports.

May 2001
21 May 2001 Updated Racing Programme and online crew form, separate 2000 Race Report Index and revised Lords of the Fly logo (tapered legs and antennae).

April 2001
25 April 2001 Several pages now link to our new Kinlochleven High School site.
15 April 2001 Minor update to Racing Programme, 2001 revisions to Glencoe Boat Club Race Courses and additions to the Art and ‘Xart’ Gallery.

March 2001
25 March 2001 New Art and ‘Xart’ Gallery including graphics created with Xara X and drawings and paintings from my younger days. My existing Picture Gallery has been renamed the ‘Photo Gallery’ to avoid confusion!
19 March 2001 The Java applets have been restored (after testing with various machines and browsers) to my sailing home page, but I hope someone will tell me if they ever create any problems!
1 March 2001 Still playing about with technicalities (a nice new version of the ‘What’s New’ GIF to link you back here)!

Apologies for concentrating more on technical improvements than content through January and February (just ignore anything that comes over as gobbledegook), but a leaner, meaner site has to be a better framework for both existing and future content!

February 2001
27 February 2001 Some modifications to my frames policy and stuff about web design.
25 February 2001 Most of the icons converted to transparent PNGs (which don’t appear transparent in Netscape 4!), and site map now linked from every page.
20 February 2001 Petelink page (side bar content) modified slightly for better appearance in some browsers, and all remaining comments about browser compatibility and HTML from the bottom of my home page moved to a more appropriate place.
16 February 2001 Improved style sheet implementation making more use of class attribute for paragraphs, spans and divisions. Shouldn’t really affect appearance except for cached versions of the following pages, which should be updated to work with revised style sheet:
home page, update history 2000, what’s new (here!), site map, scores and recordings, the Mirror Song, sailing home, racing programme, crew form, GBC course charts, Don’t Play Misty, the Great Scottish Drascombe Cruise and Round Shuna report.
12 February 2001 A new version of the ‘What’s New’ animated GIF — bigger, bolder and fewer bytes!
9 February 2001 Sailing Home Page now has two Java applets, with headlines from joining the forecast from
6 February 2001 Minor changes to home page and frames policy, and further compression of most JPEGs except thumbnails.

January 2001
30 January 2001 All links to Whisca and Glencoe Boat Club now point to their new URLs at Further trivial updates (West Highland Week) to racing programme and online crew form.
29 January 2001 Amendments to Summer Points Series Courses.
28 January 2001 Added a note about the graphics to my useful links for HTML and web design, and fixed the problem with the site map and oversized text in Netscape 4.
25 January 2001 Updates (Summer Points Series and West Highland Week) to racing programme and online crew form.
20 January 2001 Everything except the ‘Scorch’ pages (which require ‘Netscape style plug-ins’) now validates with the W3C, and some further thoughts about music in general have found their way onto my Music Home Page.
18 January 2001 Cut file sizes for all JPEG thumbnails (used for Photo Gallery, Don’t Play Misty, The Great Scottish Drascombe Cruise and the two ‘Scores and Recordings’ icons).
14 January 2001 A new site map (accessible from here, my home page and my framed side bar, which has gained a couple of new links and now scrolls for small screens and/or windows).
13 January 2001 Improvements to my useful links for HTML and web design (incorporating some further thoughts about this site).
12 January 2001 All Scorch pages (for Sibelius scores) reformatted to match the rest of the site and remove tables used purely for page layout purposes. Almost everything else converted to XHTML 1.0 and validated, although I’ve reluctantly shelved a plan to control my background images from separate style sheets because of oddly inconsistent implementation from Netscape 4.x.
2 January 2001 One missing italicisation (‘Coll is beaches’) corrected in The Great Scottish Drascombe Cruise article. Trivial, perhaps, but it does make a difference to the way it reads!
1 January 2001 Nothing yet, but Happy New Year!

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