Victoria Cup 2001

Crew — Peter, Twig, Al, Iona, Andy and Catriona Davies and Angus Stevenson.

With most of the usual suspects conspicuous by their absence on a fresh September Sunday, the Victoria Cup was fought out by a depleted but well-crewed field of Rainbow (minus her owner, but five up) and Fly (carrying an unprecedented seven!). Starting with reefed mains (first time for our new sail) and no.3s, Fly was first round Kilbowie and heading (minus the reef) back out of the bay with Rainbow not too far behind. Having taken the reef back in, we made quick progress (mostly fetching) to Sgeir Dhonn and Ganavan, with Rainbow still hanging on doggedly a mere four minutes or so behind as we hardened up onto the beat. Here things took a turn for the better, with Fly taking advantage of the smoother water towards Camas Nathais to make Pladda in two tacks but the H Boat making a misjudged tack west into choppier conditions. Holding a ten minute lead round Pladda and Creag Islands, the reef came out for the last time and we popped the kite for some fun (nine-and-a-half knots) on the way home. A sixteen minute advantage at the line proved to be enough for a two minute handicap win, but it was a hard-fought race for which the credit should be shared between both crews.

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