Leicester BS Plate 2001

We’d planned to split seven crew between Fly and Hutch for the last Tuesday evening of the season, but Twig’s unexpected encounter with the press gang from Amber Haze (‘could you helm our Sigma?’) led to a quick rethink, with Colin also jumping ship and Carol, Iona, Sandy, Al and myself taking Fly. A convoluted little course spiced up with some short ‘sausage’ laps provided some interesting sport in pretty benign conditions, with Fly being hailed (unbelievably) at the first rounding of the ‘Western’ mark by two colleagues from Kinlochleven on the Esplanade! Although Farr Out had established her customary lead and Amber Haze caught and passed us shortly after that, only the H Boat Rainbow looked at all threatening of the slower boats. But things suddenly took an interesting turn when most of the fleet unexpectedly headed for home (could they all have misinterpreted the course and/or some hoots from the Clubhouse?), leaving just Amber Haze and Fly to complete a second full round, by which time it was quite dark. So it turned out to be an 8.30 (not 9.00) pm time limit and some folk (who, us?) hadn’t checked, but it was fun anyway and none the worse in retrospect for being almost as pointless as last year’s ‘Lost Fly’ episode! The proper result, calculated on intermediate times, had Farr Out first, Rainbow second and Fly pipping Amber Haze for third by six seconds.

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