Summer Points Series 2 2001

The second race of Glencoe Boat Club’s Summer Points Series (23 May) was characterised by gentle breezes with one sticky patch off the Callert mark. It attracted a turnout of three boats and was well won by Hilary Watson in the evergreen ‘Elrhuna’, with Bill Horsnell’s new Halcyon 27 ‘Cornovii’ taking a promising second place in her first race.


  1. Elrhuna (one-off), Hilary Watson, C 1070, Elapsed Time 5203, Corrected Time 4863
  2. Cornovii (Halcyon 27), Bill Horsnell, R 1159, Elapsed Time 6068, Corrected Time 5236
  3. Redwing (Trapper 28), David Cooper, T 1075, Elapsed Time 6112, Corrected Time 5686

Course 3S

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