Summer Points Series 3 2001

A variable breeze of approximately NW’ly direction provided the perfect opportunity for a fleet of four to try out one of our new L-shaped courses, but the planned 270° turn at the middle mark (to keep all marks to the same hand, see?) looked completely unworkable when ‘Elrhuna’ and ‘Didima IV’ arrived at it almost simultaneously. Although some smart work at this point by the little Hawk took her through into the lead on the water, the potential problems of the manouevre have already led to its revision for future races!


  1. Didima IV (Hawk 20), Bob and Jean Aitken, R 1104, Elapsed Time 3559, Corrected Time 3224
  2. Elrhuna (one-off), Hilary Watson, C 1070, Elapsed Time 3645, Corrected Time 3407
  3. Cornovii (Halcyon 27), Bill Horsnell, R 1159, Elapsed Time 4204, Corrected Time 3627

Course 4S

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