Summer Points Series 3 2000

The most satisfying night of Fly’s season so far. Seven boats turned out for the third race of Glencoe Boat Club’s Summer Points Series — the fleet consisting of a Foxterrier, a Hawk 20, a Kerry 27, an Invicta, a Hunter 19, a beautiful 1904 one-off and, of course, an Impala. There was little wind over most of the Loch and, as usual, virtually none off St John’s Church, from where only Fly escaped with anything like enough time to make the two hour time limit. We managed to keep the kite drawing all the way to Callert (once we remembered the light weather sheets), and finished in some style with over twenty minutes to spare after a final beat on which we recorded the dizzy wind speed of 8 knots apparent. By this time the rest of the fleet, of which all but the Hawk was still bunched up back at the first mark, had all retired as they clearly had no chance of completing the course.


  1. Fly (Impala, Peter Duggan), P 943, Elapsed Time 5950, Corrected Time 6310

Equilibrium, however, is threatened by the imminent return of Fascinator, a UFO 34 to which we give time in the PY system. Last year she only finished in front of us once, but the handicap gave us a few problems. The little Hawk is also very well sailed and favourably handicapped, so the season looks like springing into some real life at last.

Glencoe Regatta to come in two weekend’s time — an event much enlivened by the presence of many good boats from Oban and Fort William.

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