Summer Points Series 7 2000

A grisly day of pouring rain may not have promised much for the seventh race of Glencoe Boat Club’s Summer Points Series, but a reasonably dry and surprisingly pleasant evening was enjoyed by the four boats that took part. Although the choice of a short, single lap, course was influenced by the quiet conditions at the start, the breeze subsequently picked up to give a good little race which could probably have sustained a second round.

With Kerry Mist and Squirt carrying crews of three and Sionnach and Fly reduced to just two apiece, neither sail-handling nor control was always straightforward but, despite struggling at times to keep sailing efficiently, Fly was still just able to see off a spirited challenge from Kerry Mist to take her fifth first place of the series.


  1. Fly (Impala, Peter Duggan), P943, elapsed 2459, corrected 2608
  2. Kerry Mist ( Kerry 27, John Grant), C1111, elapsed 2957, corrected 2662
  3. Sionnach (Foxterrier, John Hardie), C1069, elapsed 3025, corrected 2830

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