Round Mull Race 2008 (Leg 2 — Saturday 5 July)

My third Race Officer’s job of the summer (got press-ganged at the Glencoe Regatta!), this time assisting Richard Beith — and well looked after by Tony Ratcliffe and family on North West Marine’s Headcorn — over the three days of the Round Mull weekend. Took so many photos that I’ve split the thumbnails into three pages, but still just batch-processed the lot (duds and all!) to get them uploaded quickly. So there’s at least one complete joke (no. 416, which must have been taken by accident), some with dodgy focussing (no. 65 and others), some where I didn’t get the exposure compensation quite right (Tobermory start), some with noticeably squint horizons (not always easy to get these right from a boat) and some taken through the glass of Headcorn’s wheelhouse (about half of the Bunessan finish shots?), but I’ve also got every finisher from every day and there’s hopefully still much to enjoy.

The images uploaded here have been resized to 640x480 with file sizes ranging from 44–92K and slightly sharpened, but are otherwise just as they left my camera. As usual, please ask before using them for any purpose other than viewing and/or printing for yourself (on which note I’m certainly happy to supply higher-resolution copies to anyone with an agreeable use in mind).

Might also point out that Sunday’s final leg was shortened (as it so often is) east of Frank Lockwood’s Island, and the Clansman ferry in Saturday’s images 144 and 145 is carrying my elder brother and his family to Coll! :-)

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